Extractor Exhaust Canopy Solutions

At KD&C we use Extractor exhaust canopies exclusively because they are the only exhaust solution that is available with extras as a standard!


  • Makeup air


  • Lighting


  • Variable speed control


Extractor solutions are available in a large variety of sizes and they can be customised any
size that fits your need as long as it’s compliant to the Australian standards.


Sizing comes in various width from 1300mm to 1500mm and they can be banked back to back or converted into corner units as needed to your requirements.


A low emission filtration system


  • Have you been told by a council health officer or a surveyor that you need to Extract the air from your restaurant or commercial facility with zero or very limited noxious air???


  • If you are in this situation you need some kind of filtration system or electrostatic precipitator installed in line with your exhaust canopy. We have a lot of expertise in this area so please call or email us for a free consultation to discuss the best solution for you.
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