The commissioning process is completed to make sure that everything is working properly and all of your shiny new pieces of equipment are installed as per the manufacturer’s specification. This ensures all your warranties are certified and in place. To do this we organise our team to test and review your project on completion before your final council inspection. Saving your time to allow you to launch the business as promptly as possible. Commissioning includes:


  • Ensuring all your benches are level & there are no large / unwanted gaps


  • Necessary gaps are uniform


  • We organise plumbers to make sure that all your gas appliances are working properly, your flames are blue and all of the small components are well adjusted & fit for commercial use.


  • Our electricians inspect each electrical appliance, ensuring they are working correctly and that they are very safe for commercial use.


  • We review the use of equipment checking items such as your Combi ovens fan, speed controllers & settings configuration
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