Equipment Selection

There are many factors that you should use to deciding which piece of equipment is right for you. It takes many lessons learned over the years to understand which factor takes priority and why. Below is a list of factors we take into account when helping you to select the right type of equipment for the job.


  • How long does the equipment need to last?


  • How busy is the service area going to be?


  • What is the type of use the equipment is going to be used for?


  • What sort of performance do we expect from it the equipment?


  • What area does the piece of equipment need to fit into?


  • What is the experience of the staff using the kitchen?


  • Is there a way to use equipment to reduce the production process?


We have a lot of experience assessing all of these factors to help you make the hard choice. At the end of the day, you must make sure that you get the right unit for the right situation often this may seem more expensive… However, we can often make a business case that proves the chosen unit is the most effective and he has the lowest cost of ownership over time.

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