Buy New or Used Equipment

This is a tough question..
So let’s change the frame of the question, what you should be really asking is.

What is the build quality of this piece of equipment & how long will it last until I need to pay for servicing?

Great Question!!

With out understanding the context of the piece of equipment you are buying, I would always recommend to purchase new equipment with a warranty. This will ensure the equipment lasts as long as possible before you need to pay maintenance for it. Plus if it breaks during the warranty period you will be covered, therefore you aren’t eating into your cashflow.

That said, right now I have a 3 week old oven that was used for a promotion event, its a fantastic product and is 40% off.. Things like this come up all the time and in this scenario I would say BUY BUY BUY!! as long as the equipment is in good nick 😃

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